This is the week that was #1

So…. I’m not altogether sure if this is going to work or not, but I’ve decided I’m going to try and do something of a weekly blog post of what I’ve been up to. It’s something I probably should have started a few weeks ago when I did a string of cool stuff which would have made it look like I do dead cool stuff all the time, instead of spending most of my life in a dressing gown and staring into the fridge as though it contains the answers to all of life’s questions. 

July was an exciting month for me and would have ranked quite highly for ‘Fun’ and ‘Energising’ on my Life Balance matrix – where I assess (and try and work on) achieving some kind of harmony between Fun, Energising, Relaxing, and Pampering activities to help my wellbeing. All this while doing the usual parenting, work, and housework stuff – so easier said than done!

I finally got round to going for a 1-2-1 photography course with the amazing Frank from the Perfect Photo Co. who helped me get to grips with my DSLR camera that had been left unused in its box for three years. 

I had the most wonderful Brazilian day out in Liverpool watching the samba bands at Brazilica Fest ’16, going to Viva Brazil for a rodizio lunch, watching the carnival procession with to-die-for costumes, and finishing off with drinks and a bite to eat at recently opened Santa Maluco with their Rio de Janeiro inspired murals and mad Smarties pizza!

Then of course I had the excitement (in more ways than one) of Primo’s first holiday abroad, which was lovely and stressful in equal measures. I know that the highlights for him were going to the swimming pool every day, playing with lots of children his own age and seeing his cousins, copious amounts of ice cream and being the smug recipient of lots of new toys as bribery for behaving himself at the dinner table. 

The highlight for me was seeing him so happy, not having to do any cooking or cleaning or make the beds, and – unlike at home – sharing a bed with him and holding his hand as he slept. He’s not an overly cuddly child and likes affection on his own terms, so the opportunity for closeness when he’s worn out from long days of summer fun and lying there quietly as his eyelids droop was just bliss.

Life’s not always this fun for me, so my (hopefully weekly) updates probably won’t be all glamour and excitement. They’ll more likely be what I had for tea or what I watched on telly. Or maybe some of the answers to life’s questions from the fridge. 

Bella x

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