Spring Skincare

had a little moan recently about how I just want to sleep all the time and how I look like I’ve been fished out of a canal, so I decided to make an effort and headed to Boots to get some lovely skincare products to lift my spirits and try and perk my complexion up a bit.

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash 350ml £8 Boots

So in love am I with the idea of a detox where I don’t need to eat or drink less, that this face wash was right up my toiletries aisle. Well, anything’s worth a try, right? It’s fresh and fragrant, without being overpowering as is sometimes the case with Soap & Glory products, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight afterwards. It’s got those little beads in that I don’t quite understand and am never totally convinced by, but it’s not an exfoliator and as long as you rinse the product off sufficiently it’s great for daily use. Worth it for £8, and better still when there’s a 3-for-2 offer on Soap & Glory.

No.7 Beautiful Skin Perfecting Body Polish 200ml £10 Boots

I love this body polish which I’ll admit came as part of a No7 Beautiful Skin gift set that I got for Christmas but is well worth spending your money on, especially if you’ve got any Boots Advantage Card points or No7 skincare vouchers. It’s a nice thick paste which doesn’t slide straight off wet skin like many exfoliators do, and is fine enough to use on the delicate neck and décolletage area, around my breasts which are currently experiencing some icky peeling from trying out adhesive breast lifts, and the thin skin on the insides of upper arms. A not unpleasant smell, and easy to shower off without leaving any residue or tightness. Very pleased with this, although still tend to use a thicker scrub or a brush for my legs.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Pump Body Lotion 400ml £5.39 from Boots

I’ve had such dry skin over the winter, made worse by central heating, that I had to call in the big guns and get hold of some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which I haven’t used for years and had forgotten how amazing it is. If you can handle the very sweet smell and thick consistency, it’ll keep your skin hydrated and very very soft. It’s solved my dry knees and elbows problem, hydrated and softened my sandpapery shins, and am hoping it’ll help the skin around my tummy to gradually shrink back into shape as I begin to lose weight. An oldie but a goodie and great value for money.

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